We, here at Heritage, are a 100% custom tattoo shop.

We are dedicated to our craft and we consistently put forth our best work with all of our clients while also keeping a chill atmosphere. We make sure our clients are well taken care of from the very start and hope to continue a good friendships long after their tattoo is finished. Our team consists of 7 tattoo artists and 3 ladies in the admin department taking care of bookings, communications, and keeping the shop clean, beautiful, and fully stocked, all ready to serve you. 

We take tattooing very seriously while still having a great time here at Heritage. We ask our customers to do the same. Getting a tattoo is not something to be taken very lightly, it will change you and the way people look at you for the rest of your life. Be prepared to sit for as long as it takes to make the tattoo look great. We don’t put a time limit on our tattoos, so they take as long as they take…but it’s worth it. If you're looking at getting a larger piece done, realize that you are going to also be looking at multiple sessions, and a start to finish process that could take months or years to finish… meaning a considerable amount of time, dedication, and investment go into getting an amazing tattoo started and finished. We promise to be as committed to your tattoo as you are.

Heritage Tattoo is an absolutely beautiful shop and the artist there really know how to make you feel at home! I’ve been going to Aaron Neiman exclusively for many years now and his tattoo work on me has gotten me published in multiple magazines.
— Samantha A.
Honestly, besides having the most kick ass artist (Brett Rosepiler), the vibe and energy of the shop is so chill and inviting. You can really feel the love and closeness of the employees and everyone was so rad and so nice!! Very polite, funny and just demonstrated a positive feel. I feel I had a great experience full of great conversation and...was given my favorite piece on my body for sure. Even my husband as an observer enjoyed the experience.
— Deanna B.
First off, this is a wonderful supportive group of people, who are radically inclusive to everyone. I felt immediately put at ease, attentive and professional staff were eager to help.
— Cory B.

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Aaron is an amazing tattoo artist! My friend got her tattoo here and he is calm and collective. Great location, amazing space. Very cool and comfortable parlor with guest to sit and watch. -Tina S.

Brett Rosepiler is awesome with his art work. If anyone wants a tattoo you need to go with him he dose awesome work. -Christina P.

I couldn't pick a better place to do my first review on. After searching around for great artists to do my tattoo, I stumbled upon this shop. Let me say that I wish I would have gotten all of my ink done here. -Amber O.

Mike was amazing, came up with an incredible idea that was beyond my original idea, but his concept was better and bigger. he put me at ease and it's just beautiful. I'm so proud to have this artwork as a memorial to my love. I can't wait to go back and get more! -Amanda S.

Josh was dope and did a fantastic job! The atmosphere of this place is great. So many cool things to look at. All the staff I encountered were awesome. I really enjoyed my time here and I HIGHLY recommend everyone come check this place out. -Anna B.

Kent was an awesome artist, very accommodating, prices were equally awesome, overall great experience. Also, the shop was great, clean, calm and many interesting things to look at. Get it done here! -Maria T.

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