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Aaron Neiman is the owner and operator of Heritage tattoo, and one hell of a tattoo artist.  He’s been making his mark in the tattoo world for about 12 years now, and has turned into one of the best artist you’ll find anywhere.  Known for his bright color and flawless line work, Aaron’s able to do any style of tattooing that can walk through the door.  A very humble and quiet guy, Aaron tends to let his work speak for himself, a true tattoo artist in every sense.

Booking with Aaron
If you’d like to book with Aaron and you are a local, you have to come down to the shop and talk to Aaron in person in order to book an appointment.  If you are from out of town you can email him through the shop email, which is located on the contact page.

Custom tattoo: $125/hr
Cover ups/re-works: $150 hr.

Personal Contact Info
Email: heritagetattoo@rocketmail.com
Cell: 702.371.0978



Book your appointments ASAP. Aaron’s waiting list tends to be anywhere from 2-3 months out.